Get a great night's sleep with our gorgeous selection of pillowcases. Choose from TENCEL™, extra-long staple cotton, French flax linen and bamboo.

TENCELâ„¢ pillowcases (x2) TENCELâ„¢ pillowcases (x2)- Kapas Living Malaysia
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100% Bamboo waffle pillowcase (x2) Bamboo waffle pillowcase- Kapas Living Malaysia
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Extra long staple cotton pillowcases (x2) Cotton pillowcases- Kapas Living Malaysia
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High-quality pillowcases can transform your sleep experience, with designs that help keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Materials such as TENCEL provide silky smooth comfort and relief to people with sensitive skin so they don’t wake up in the morning with any unwanted skin irritation.

Read on to learn more about our fantastic range of premium-crafted pillowcases. To view our collection, scroll up.

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Shop Premium Pillowcases Online

Buying high-quality pillowcases doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Our entire range is built with premium quality in mind, offering exceptional comfort and durability while using best-in-class materials that are free from harmful chemicals and substances.

Every pillowcase that is sold on Kapas Living is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. This certification is used to identify fabrics and textiles that have been tested and verified to be free of over 1,000 harmful substances that can negatively affect a person’s health.

What this means is that, along with manufacturing pillowcases that are of premium quality, our products are also guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. You can literally rest easy knowing your pillowcases will have no negative effects on your health.

All of our pillowcases are available for purchase online and are available in a range of colours. Check out the range below and select the pillowcase that’s right for you.

Explore a Wide Range of Pillowcase Fabrics

At Kapas Living, we believe in giving customers plenty of choice when it comes to the fabrics and textiles that make up our products. More choice means having more room to find the materials that are best suited for your comfort and health.

Our selection of pillowcases is made from the following fabrics:

  • 100% extra-long staple cotton - extra-long staple cotton measuring 37mm is spun to produce strong, fine yarns, resulting in highly absorbent and breathable sheets that get better with each wash
  • TENCEL™ - silky soft, cool, breathable fabric derived from 100% Eucalyptus fibres
  • Bamboo - 100% bamboo pillowcases are breathable, cooling, and hypoallergenic
  • 100% French flax linen - made from the strong fibres of flax plants in France, flax linen offers exceptional breathability, durability, and softness

Whatever you want to get out of a pillowcase, we ensure we have a diverse range on offer so that you can make a choice based on what you need, not what’s only available to you.

Finding the Right-Sized Pillowcase

Just like pillows come in different sizes, so does our collection of pillowcases. If you didn’t know, bed pillows are often available in at least two size variations: standard and king.

A standard pillow typically measures 50 cm x 75 cm while a king-size pillow will usually measure 50 cm x 90 cm, offering more length for you to work with. Along with the length and width of your pillow, make sure you account for its thickness (also known as loft). If you have a particularly thick pillow, keep that fact in mind when choosing your pillowcase.

Our pillowcases come in standard and king-size options, with the exception of our 100% bamboo waffle pillowcase, which is currently available in standard size only.

Whatever you’re looking for in a pillowcase, we have the designs and materials to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on providing a range of premium pillowcases made from high-quality materials.

Improve your sleep and health today with our OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified pillowcases. If you have any further questions regarding our pillowcases or bedding products, get in touch with us today.