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Caring for your bedsheets

Washing your bedding

For softer sheets, for the first wash, add 1 cup of baking soda to your wash cycle and 1⁄2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. We have tested this multiple times and it has a huge impact towards the softness of your sheets.

Kapas sheets will get softer and better with every wash. Machine wash in cool to warm water that’s less than 40°C with like colours and fabrics, using a small amount of good quality liquid detergent (usually around half of the recommended detergent amount).

Wash your sheet separately from towels and clothing. Additional friction and fabric lint can reduce your sheets’ softness and durability over time. 

Drying your sheets

We highly recommend line drying for our sheets. Although not ideal, you can also tumble dry cotton bedding using a low heat setting to prevent shrinkage. We also recommend removing the sheets before the cycle ends and shaking out the creases (much easier when the sheets are still a little damp!).

When using a dryer, avoid drying with other clothing or towels which may produce a lot of lint and reduce your sheets’ softness.

Storing your sheets

To extend the life of your sheets, store them out of sunlight, in a cool, dry area and not in plastic containers which promote yellowing and mildew. To keep your linen cupboard neat and finding sheets a breeze, store each set in its matching pillowcase.

Replace sheets when they show obvious signs of ageing such as fraying, stains or fading colour. Pillowcases will require more frequent replacement.

Avoiding softeners and bleach

Do avoid fabric softeners and bleach when washing your sheets. They will degrade the fabric and shorten its lifespan. 

You’ll notice that our sheets wrinkle after each wash and dry but don’t worry because that is a good thing. Anti-wrinkle sheets are made with lots of chemicals. Don’t want wrinkles? – Best to iron them our while damp or line-dry immediately.

Our sheets are like fine wine. They will get softer with every wash and by the 5th wash, it’ll be super soft to the touch!

Caring for your duvets and quilts

Down Duvets: Spot cleaning recommended. Small spots may be removed by using warm water and soft soap. Wash only if absolutely necessary for large stains. Down may be washed, but this will shorten the lifespan of the item and break down the natural oils, which will cause the down clusters to deteriorate.

Cotton duvets: Dry clean only when necessary

Alternative down: Gentle machine wash, hang dry or tumble dry low heat