CloudTENCEL™ waterproof mattress protector


Core features
We designed one of the best mattress protectors we could think of:

  • Super breathable: Topped with Tencel material for a super cooling and breathable sleep experience
  • Waterproof protection on the inner lining to protect against accidents
  • Fits like a glove: with a thick elastic garter, it hugs your mattress tightly. Perfect for mattresses from 15cm – 43cm (up to 17 inches) high
  • Dust-mite proof – with 3x mitesguard
  • Perfectly silent throughout the night – you won’t even notice its there
  • Comes with our signature Kapas smart labels to ensure a correct fit every time
  • Chemical-free Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®

We love our mattress protectors, and we hope you will too!

  • Super King (SK)– 202cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • King Plus (KP) (IKEA or European size) – 183cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • King (K) – 183cm x 193cm x 43cm
  • Queen Plus (QP) (IKEA or European size) – 153cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • Queen (Q) – 153cm x 193cm x 43cm
  • Super Single (SS)– 108cm x 193cm x 35cm
  • Single Plus (SP) (IKEA or European size) – 92cm x 202cm x 35cm
  • Single (S) – 92cm x 193cm x 35cm
  • Baby cot – 120cm x 60cm x 15cm
Delivery & returns
  • Free shipping on orders more than RM150 to West Malaysia; RM30 to East Malaysia; S$14 to Singapore
  • 30 days easy returns. Products are to be returned in its original packaging and not used or washed
  • Shipped next business day
Care guide
Gentle machine wash only when necessary to prolong lifespan of mitesguard. Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry.

Our Kapas mattress protectors are made with love

Super breathable

Top layer made of ultra breathable Tencel material

Water resistant

Bottom layer made of 100% TPU Polyurethane

Fits like a glove

360° extra thick garters and deep pockets ensuring a snug fit

Dustmite resistant

With 3x dustmite protection for peace of mind

Certified safe

Certified by Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®

Like all our other products, the KAPAS mattress protector is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning you’re sleeping on sheets that are completely free from harmful substances.

Oeko-Tex® is a globally recognised third-party institution independent from the manufacturers of the fabric which certifies that textiles are free from harmful substances at all levels of processing, from raw fabric to the finished product.


Certified safe bedsheets Malaysia

The Materials

Let’s remove the fluff and talk facts. Explore the science behind the materials and process of creating the Kapas Mattress Protector.

Super breathable and water resistant

The secret behind our mattress protector is the quality of products used in its manufacturing:

  • Top layer: Silky-soft TENCEL™ material for a cool, moisture-wicking experience
  • Bottom layer: Thermo Polyurethane to completely protect your mattress against spills 

The end result is a beautifully crafted waterproof mattress protector without trapping heat.

Resistant to spills and leaks

After spending thousands on your mattress, don’t forget to protect it from spills.

Our mattress protector acts as an insurance against pee, coffee,  tea, milo or any other stains you can think of! Young parents would particularly benefit from this feature.

3x mitesguard protection

Protect your mattress (and yourself) from dust-mites with 3x anti-mite protection. Although your mattress protector can be washed normally, we do recommend washing your bedsheets instead (unless there’s a spill) to extend the mitesguard protection.

Brilliantly designed bedding to accommodate everyone

We design each product with many months of beta-testing to produce award-winning designs with practicality in mind. Our signature thoughtful touches make our mattress protector even better than it already is.

Don't worry about the fit

We made sure that no matter the height of your mattress, our protectors fit like a glove. We have extensively tested mattresses from 15cm up to 43cm high, so go ahead and test it out!

360 degree super thick elastic

Unlike most other mattress protectors, ours come with 5cm super thick elastic to ensure your mattress is hugged tightly and doesn’t move in the middle of the night. With an all-around garter, our mattress protector never moves. Forget those straps that pass off for elastic – get the real thing!

Labels to make sure you never put your protector on wrong

Our signature labels are right up and centre in this product. Never put your mattress protector on wrongly again.

Protect your mattress with the best mattress protector in the market

Get our amazing protector at a fair price!