100% French flax linen bolstercase

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  • Made of 100% stone-washed European flax linen at 165gsm
  • Fits most bolsters perfectly at 37cm x 107cm
  • Designed with easy-to-tie strings to ensure a snug fit for even the fattest bolsters
  • The strings are made with the same linen to ensure you hug a soft bolster all around
  • Provides a textured lived-in look while still remaining soft and comfortable
  • Super breathable - even more breathable than cotton

Fitted sheets:

  • SK – 202cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • KP / King Plus (IKEA or European size) – 183cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • K – 183cm x 193cm x 43cm
  • QP / Queen Plus (IKEA or European size) – 153cm x 202cm x 43cm
  • Q – 153cm x 193cm x 43cm
  • SS– 110cm x 193cm x 35cm
  • SP/ Single Plus (IKEA or European size) – 92cm x 202cm x 35cm
  • S – 94cm x 193cm x 35cm


  • Standard pillowcase– 50cm x 75cm
  • Gentle machine wash
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not bleach,and if your linen happens to stain, launder immediately
  • Free shipping on orders more than S$50 to Singapore, RM150 to West Malaysia and RM300 to East Malaysia
  • 30 days easy returns
  • Shipped next business day

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Why you'll love Kapas' French flax linen bedsheets

High durability

Super strong and lasts for years

Soft, breathable and hypoallergenic

Allows air to circulate freely in warm temperature

Easy to care for

Machine washable and dryer safe


Naturally resists dust mites and allergens

100% French flax linen

Extremely strong natural fibers

French flax linen is known for its durability, and is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers known to man.

Made from 100% French flax linen, our Kapas Linen collection is stronger than even our cotton collection, making it extremely durable and can last you a lifetime.

Stone washed for softness

Soft, breathable and hypoallergenic

Our Kapas French linen collection is soft without being silky, very breathable and extremely absorbent. It also has the benefit of being naturally hypoallergenic.

With the ability to thermoregulate, our linen will keep you cool in the summer but warm on those cold rainy nights.

Relaxed comfort

Get the laid back style you've been dreaming of

French linen has a distinctive texture that gives it a unique and elegant look. The natural imperfections in the fabric add to its character and charm.

Choose from our nine different neutral colours to create that lived-in look!

Machine washable and dryer safe

Easy to care for

French linen becomes softer with each wash. Gentle machine wash with a netting for less than 40minutes.

Stop ironing your sheets and get that relaxed vibe without even trying!

Brilliantly designed for Southeast Asia

After months of research and development – our designs are uniquely practical and stylish. Incorporating international designs and innovation, you’ll find yourself falling in love with our Kapas sheets over and over again

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_sage green french linen pillowcases and bedsheets set
Superior elastic

We invested in extra-thick elastic garters to make sure your sheets stay tucked in

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_100% French flax linen duvet cover set
Fits all

Our fitted sheets are great for almost all mattresses with thickness up to 35cm (S/SS) / 43cm (other sizes)

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_dark grey french linen pillowcases and bedsheets set with duvet cover
Fully covered

Our pillowcases use deep envelope closures – that means no open ends or frustrating pillow spillage

Crystal clear

The top and bottom of our fitted sheets are labelled so you always get it right the first time

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_100% French flax linen duvet cover set
Buttoned up

Our buttons are bigger, easier to use, and less likely to come undone

Tied down

Our linen duvet covers to have 7 ties instead of 4! Duvets never go anywhere throughout the night!

FAQs (Bedding)

Single/ super single sizes go up to 35cm. The other sizes have up to 43cm sheets.

Our sheets come with thick garters and fit mattresses from 10cm to 40cm well.

  • Linen bedsheets should be machine washed (gentle or delicate mode) in cool to warm water that’s less than 40°C with like colours and fabrics.
  • Ideally, the sheets should be placed in a netting bag as well and should be washed for less than 40 minutes.
  • Use only a small amount of good quality detergent (usually around half of the recommended detergent amount).
  • Avoid using fabric softeners and chlorine bleach.
  • It is recommended you line-dry your sheets in a shady area.

Wrinkles only occur minimally as long as you remove the sheets from the washing machine or dryer immediately. Do not let bedding sit in the machines as this will cause the wrinkles to set.

The wrinkles that occur naturally is part of linen's charm.

Linen shedding is part of the life cycle of linen fibre. It means that your linen is just getting softer and softer, and therefore cosier and cosier to sleep in.

Linen is a fibre that softens and gets smoother over time, and it does so by shedding excess and unnecessary fibres.

These fibres exist in linen for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of the dye colours.

Though shedding can occur with all sheets and linen products, as a general rule of thumb, the darker the dye the more shedding that will occur.

This is because the dyes that are darker can lead to a greater buildup of fibres in the linen.

It's important to understand that shedding is perfectly normal and will often resolve itself after a few washes.

To expedite this, give your new sheets a few extra cold washes, allowing the fabric to shed excess fibers swiftly and transform into that heavenly, soft-to-the-touch material.

After these initial washes, you'll likely notice a significant improvement in your sheets. If shedding persists, don't fret – be patient. Typically, after a couple more wash cycles, the shedding will naturally cease.

These are called slubs. These occur naturally in linen and are not considered a flaw in the sheet. These slubs are generally embraced and are a part of linen's charm.

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Why choose us?

30-day guarantee

Fall in love with Kapas’ bed sheets, duvets and pillows or we’ll give you a full refund.

Premium quality

Because you deserve the highest quality bedding!

Honestly priced

No middlemen, no crazy mark-ups, just affordable good bedsheets.


We take pride in offering a range of products that prioritize sustainability and the environment.


OEKO-TEX® & European Flax® certified

Our Kapas Linen bedsheets are both OEKO-TEX® certified and European Flax® certified, meaning that they are free from all harmful substances and made from original European Flax linen. 

OEKO-Tex® is a globally recognised third-party institution independent from the manufacturers of the fabric which certifies that textiles are free from harmful substances.

We ensure to only create products that are safe for both you and your loved ones. 

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Bot the linen bolster cases. They felt good and soft. Either they carry more colours