Storing your bedsheets to keep them nice and fresh

You own a beautiful set of bedsheets and would like to keep them that way to enjoy in the many years to come, but how do you do so? Yes – it is important to use and wash them carefully but just as important is to store them the right way. If you haven’t purchased any, do browse our collection here.

Ever had to re-wash your sheets because you found them in the cupboard smelling stale and mouldy? Want to avoid accidentally damaging your bedsheets from overstuffing them in the cupboard? Don’t worry. Storing sheets can be fairly simple by following these few steps below:

Keep them as dry as you can

This may seem a bit obvious, but before you put away your sheets into the cupboard, double check that they are properly dry. Just a little bit of moisture can result in the mildew smell in your sheets. If you line dry your linens, check that they are completely dry before you keep them. If you normally use a dryer, let your sheets air a little longer after you have taken them out of the dryer.

For extra precaution, you can also place a dehumidifier or moisture absorber in the cupboard next to your sheets. Easy light-weight dehumidifiers can be found at supermarkets. If you have silica gel sachets lying around, you can cut up the little individual bags and collect them in a bigger sack, which you can then place inside your cupboard or the individual baskets you are keeping your bedsheets in.

Air freshener_Keeping bed sheets clean and fresh
Simple dehumidifiers like these can help take away musky smells

Organize your cupboard and avoid overstuffing it

Real estate for storage can be precious and we may be tempted to fit as much linen and sheets into cupboards. However, doing so will damage them as the additional friction can cause lint and reduce the durability of your sheets over time. Also, the lack of space will result in poor ventilation and build-up of moisture in your cupboard.

Instead, organize them with baskets or boxes and separate them by size, colour or type of linen. For example, bedsheets in one basket and towels in another corner. Keep the singles on a different shelf from the king sheets. It’s a win-win – the linens will appreciate the extra space and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to find what you need.

Separate your towels and bed sheets
Avoid storing towels and sheets together by separating them using baskets and different shelves

Let your bedsheets breathe

Choose a cabinet that is cool, dark and dry and can allow for air circulation. This will help prevent your sheets from smelling musty and stale. By not over-packing your cupboard, you will also help give your sheets space to breathe and keep them smelling fresh, anytime you want to use them.

Rotate your linen usage

The accountants have a term for this one – FIFO (first-in, first-out). Cycle the use of your bedsheets and use the one that has been stored the longest, leaving less time for the stale smell to appear. You can do this by always putting the freshly-washed sheets at the back or bottom of the pile.

This also helps with evenly using all your sheets without outwearing any!

Add some fragrant scent

No, you don’t need to add artificial fragrance or fresheners into the washer (see our care guide on how to use baking soda and vinegar instead). Instead, why not leave a bar of scented soap or potpourri on each shelf next to the sheets. This will keep your linen smelling good without adding any fragrance of chemicals directly onto your sheets.

Baking soda - clean bed sheets and duvet covers
Keep your sheets fresh and soft with a mix of vinegar and baking soda
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